Antwoorden op vragen die gebruikers van ADP Mobile kunnen hebben over het gebruik van de app.


1. What are the requirements for ADP Mobile?

2. How can I start ADP Mobile on my device?

Logging in

3. I do not know my user name. Where can I find it?

4. I have forgotten my user name/password. What should I do?

. I have forgotten my PIN code. What should I do?

6. When opening ADP Mobile I get this notification: ‘Service not available’, what should I do?

7. My account has been blocked due to too many attempts to log in, what should I do?


8. How can I log in from now on with a PIN?

9. How can I change the language?


10. How can I view details of my colleagues?

11. Adding a colleague to your favourites list

12. Consulting and removing from the favourites list


13. How can I apply for leave?

14. I cannot change or withdraw my application for leave with ADP Mobile

15. How can I approve an application for leave?(for managers only)

16. want to submit an application for leave for, for example, two and a half days. What should I do?

Salary information/Tax statements

17. How can I view my salary information?

18. How can I view my Tax Statements?


19. only see ‘Salary’ on the start screen. Is not it possible for me to apply for leave?

20. I only see ‘Colleagues’, ‘Leave’ and ‘Messages’. How can I view my salary information?

21. Are any costs associated with the app or the use of